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Glossary of Terms

Term Definition
Anode In a device which consumes power the anode is positive, and in a device which provides power the anode is negative.
Arc Discharge A luminous electrical gas discharge characterized by very high current. The intense ionization necessary to maintain the large current is provided mainly by the evaporation of the electrodes, which are raised to incandescence by the discharge (the enormous heat produced is utilized in arc-welding). This is a low voltage (10s) high current (100s) phenomena.
Cathode Opposite of an anode.
Cloud A gaseous mass.
Cold Plasma Only a small fraction of the atoms in a gas are ionised and the electrons reach a very high temperature but the ions are at ambient temperature. Typically created by high voltage systems.
Corona The glowing region of air surrounding a conductor when the potential gradient around it exceeds a critical value.
Corona Discharge A type of electric discharge that results when partial breakdown of the surrounding gas takes place. This is a high voltage low current phenomena.
Diode A two terminal electronics device with no control grid that only allows current to pass in one direction. Sometimes with additional effect such as light emission.
Dynamic Loudspeaker The description for a conventional diaphragm loudspeaker with coil and magnet actuator. Dynamics is the branch of physics concerned with forces that cause motion of bodies.
Electroacoustic Sound produced by electronic means.
Electrokinetic Electricity and motion/movement combined.
Full-range A device that covers all of the human hearing spectrum, typically from 20Hz to 20kHz.
Glow Discharge An electric discharge through a gas, usually at a low pressure, in which the gas becomes luminous. Neon signs utilize glow discharge. This is a medium voltage (hundreds), medium current (10s of mA) phenomena.
Grid A device (wire mesh/ring/rod) to control electron flow between anode and cathode with a small electrical signal.
Hi-Fi High Fidelity. The reproduction of sound with a minimum of distortion.
Hot Plasma Where full ionisation has taken place and the ions and electrons are in thermal equilibrium, e.g. the Sun, nuclear fusion.
Hz / Hertz Cycles per second.
Ion An atom that has either lost or gained one or more electrons making it positively (cation) or negatively (anion) charged.
Ionic Of ions.
Ionisation The process of making Ions.
kHz Thousands of cycles per second.
Loudspeaker A device for producing sound from an electrical input.
Mid-range A middle frequency loudspeaker, typically from 250Hz to 3kHz, e.g. vocal and lead instrument sounds.
Nonthermal Plasma See Cold Plasma
Plasma A highly ionised gas. The fourth state of matter.
Spark A visible discharge of electricity between two places. Preceded by ionization of the path, there is a rapid heating effect of the air through which the spark passes, which creates a sharp crackling noise.
Transducer A device for converting a nonelectrical signal into an electrical one, or vice-versa.
Triode A three terminal electronic device, usually a thermionic vacuum tube with a grid to control the flow from cathode to anode.
Tweeter A high frequency loudspeaker, typically from 3kHz to 20KHz and above, e.g. cymbal sounds.
Wind An air current.
Woofer A low frequency loudspeaker, typically from 250Hz to 20Hz and below, e.g. bass sounds.