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Projects Introduction

My own interest in air speakers started whilst researching for the dissertation on my degree, around 1994.  The dissertation was on the audible effects of electronic distortion so it was in a related field and I came across the article in Acoustics and Vibrational Physics (full ref here), a 1960's text book that mentioned a few short paragraphs about corona wind loudspeakers.  Up to this point I was totally unaware of this method of sound reproduction.  I photocopied the article and kept it to one side while I finished my degree. 

Once in gainful employment I returned to the article and decided to start my own experiments and also research the background to them.  This was back when the internet was young so a lot of material was not present and good old fashioned research methods using things called books and papers was the only slow and steady method available.  As a result I think the research was a bit more thorough and I have many references not mentioned elsewhere on the web today.

I have a background in conventional analogue electronics, digital design and computer programming.  My strong audiophile interests meant that I had always dabbled in building and designing audio amplifiers and speakers.  I didn't have much knowledge at the time of high voltage circuitry or the behavior of discharges, plasmas or charged gases.  The project has provided many hours of interesting research and experiment that I would not otherwise have had the opportunity to look into.  The rest of the site contains most of the results of my research, this section is about my journey with experimental projects.