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plasma speaker chain



Methods of Air Speaker Creation

Basic Methods of Modulation

Build a basic radio circuit and AM or FM modulate a high frequency signal that drives the plasma via a transformer (typically a Tesla coil). Using an RF arc increases the stability and can lower the audible noise of the system.

Create a DC arc or corona and add the AC voltage signal onto it via a transformer.

Create a stable plasma arc but surround it with electromagnets that are modulated with the audio signal.

Basic Methods of Construction



Two planes of points, separated to form a corona with a grid in between to modulate the ion stream, much like an electronic valve.

Point to plane
A sharp electrode pointing at a blunt electrode. The blunt electrode can be a dome or a mesh.

Point to air
A point in free air with a very high voltage applied. This can also have a grid surrounding the point electrode which is then modulated (sometimes the grid is insulated from the plasma by a solid such as ceramic or quartz).

In all cases the grid can take the form:

A ring around each point
A mesh screen between the points
Wires between the points